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للمحاماة والأستشارات القانونية

About Us

ALISTSHARA Law Firm Legal Consulting is a legal and judicial Consulting Office team of lawyers, jurists and advisers qualified operates in the field of law, justice and respect in the power of attorney in the courts and official departments and the registration of companies and brands. And to provide legal services and advice for each person anywhere in the world via this site. And the representation of companies and institutions outside Iraq in order to be able to perform their work and exercise their rights and legal obligations through us.

معلومات عنا

الاستشارة للمحاماة و الاستشارات القانونية هو فريق مكتب متخصص في الاستشارات القانونية والقضائية من المحامين  للعمل في مجال القانون والاستشارات القانونيه في المحاكم والدوائر الرسمية وتسجيل الشركات والعلامات التجارية. وتوفير الخدمات القانونية والمشورة لكل شخص في أي مكان في العالم ومن خلال  هذا الموقع. وتمثيل الشركات والمؤسسات خارج العراق من أجل أن تكون قادرةعلى أداء عملهم وممارسة حقوقهم والالتزامات القانونية من خلالنا

Legal Office

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Yarob AL-Jumaily

Owner & Legal Consultation

ALISTSHARA For Advocates & Legal Consultants


We are made up of the legal team that knows and understands their business to help customers guide through the complexities of major business transactions and disputes. I have advised major companies in Iraq in various business transactions in industry, commerce and various fields.

 We have more than ten years of legal experience in the area of ​​registration of companies, trademarks, tax and corporate matters such as labor law.
Lawyers have extensive experience advising clients on the local and international levels on a wide range of transactions.

Home Legal Services Our role covers general legal advice arising out of or business activities of agents in Iraq; including related but not limited to: disputes and mediation, negotiation and drafting of contracts, collections of money, and the renewal and the drafting of documents for companies, and coordination with the government body, and the review and formulation of policies, manuals , or to determine the terms and conditions on any of the new products.

Provide the best service to our customers inside and outside Iraq, we have maintained cooperative relationships with legal practices highly respected all over the world.